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1. What is Portable Power Bank?

We introduce you the mobile charger with most original design. With this portable battery and USB cable included, you will be able to charge your smartphone anywhere you go and you will never run out of battery again.


2. How do I recharge the battery?

The input connector supports up to 1A of power and allows you to recharge the battery of the mobile charger, in 3-5 hours when connecting with to the power source or in 5-8 hours connecting it to your laptop.


3. How many extra charges do I have?

The number of extra charges for your mobile phone depends on the capacity of the battery (mAh) and the efficiency (it varies depending on the model of the mobile charger and the type of the device).


4. Does the portable power bank work with all devices?

It is compatible with all type of smartphones and tablets thanks to the 2.1A of output power. It integrates an automatic detection system providing a fast and high efficient charge. 

For iPhone, iPod ad iPad devices, you can use the USB cable provided by Apply or an adapter to micro-USB. 


5. Is the portable power bank safe?

The 4-layer integrated circuit (PCBA) includes a microprocessor with protection against short-circuit, discharge and high temperatures (+40°C), so you will never damage your device.